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    Eastwood Blue Pearl and Activator Kit

    Item #50380ZP

    Premium acrylic urethane topcoat for exceptional long-lasting beauty


    This paint must be catalyzed with the included Urethane Activator (21856ZP). For increased depth and gloss, and, easier color sanding and buffing Clearcoat with Eastwood Urethane Clear, 2:1 Gallon with 2 of (50252ZP) Eastwood Urethane Clear Coat Activator, Quart. Be sure to apply Urethane finishes over properly prepped surfaces. For best durability prime bare metal with 50244ZP Eastwood Epoxy Gray Primer Gallon mixed 1:1 with 50245ZP Eastwood Epoxy Primer Catalyst. Use the 50240ZP Eastwood 2K Urethane Gray Primer Gallon mixed 4:1 with 50241ZP Catalyst Quart to help hide minor defects.

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    EW Blue Pearl plus Qt Activator Kit

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