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    Eastwood Body Soldering Diffuser Tip

    Item #50553 Brand: Eastwood

    Slip over existing oxy-acetylene
    tip to produce a soft solder flame


    Diffuser Tip turns your torch into a soft-flame soldering gun Slip this tip over your existing oxy-acetylene tip and you can use acetylene (only) to produce a soft flame that's perfect for soldering.
    • Saves gas and money
    • 1/4"-I.D. rubber hose

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    About Eastwood Body Soldering Diffuser Tip

    Save gas and money by using this soldering diffuser tip on the end of any tapered oxy/acetylene torch tip. Use acetylene only—do not use oxygen! (A flame containing oxygen will melt the rubber in the tip.) Actual I.D. of rubber hose is 1/4". Instructions included on gas settings to get maximum results. Made in USA.


    Downaload Body Soldering Diffuser Tip usage instructions PDF

    Body Solder Diffuser Tip - How To Instructions & Safety Guidelines


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    Wear appropriate safety eyewear.