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    Eastwood Boulevard Black and Activator Kit

    Item #50371ZP

    Premium acrylic urethane topcoat for exceptional long-lasting beauty


    Single-stage Boulevard Black Urethane Paint with Activator provides exceptional long-lasting beauty and durability Premium, true acrylic urethane topcoat in Boulevard Black puts a durable, finishing touch on your project vehicle. Includes the activator.
    • Single-step acrylic urethane
    • Exceptional long-term durability
    • UV- and chemical-resistant
    • Resists scratching and marring from normal wear

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    About Eastwood Boulevard Black and Activator Kit

    Some like to "drive her in primer", or opt for a quick "rattle-can" paint job, but this activated, single-step acrylic urethane Boulevard Black is a smarter and much longer-lasting choice! Mix 3:1 with activator included; no further reduction required. Complete coverage in two medium wet coats.

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    3-quart Boulevard Black and 1-quart activator is enough to coat the outside of most cars.

    Product Information Sheet

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