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    Eastwood Buff Rake

    Item #13120 Brand: Eastwood

    Remove residual compound and
    metal from "loaded" buffing wheels

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    Loaded buff wheels will work much more effectively after you "rake" them with this Buff Rake Get more "bang" from your buffs! Use this buff rake to remove residual compound and metal from buffing wheels...make them work like new!
    • Create a smooth and uniform buffing surface
    • 4-1/2"-long rake section
    • 15"-long wooden handle

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    About Eastwood Buff Rake

    Excessive build-up of compound and metal on the wheel can scratch the surface you're trying to buff. Use this Buff Rake to remove that residual compound and metal from the buff wheel to assure a smooth cut. It's especially necessary when buffing softer metals like brass and aluminum. Tightly hold the buff rake and apply light pressure to the spinning wheel. Can also be used to "true" an out-of-balance buff.


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