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  • Eastwood Buff Shop Kit 8 inch Wheels

    Eastwood Buff Shop Kit 8 inch Wheels

    Item #13109 Brand: Eastwood

    8 buffing wheels, 6 compounds,
    DVD, protective gear and more


    Handle all your buffing jobs with the accessories in our 8"-dia. Buffing Shop Kit 8"-dia. buffing wheels for up to 1/3-HP buff motors are only part of all the practical accessories included in this complete kit.
    • 8 buffing wheels (8" in dia.)
    • 6 buffing compounds
    • DVD
    • Protective gear and buff rake
    • Use with up to a 1/3-HP buffing motor

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    About Eastwood Buff Shop Kit 8 inch Wheels

    This Buffing Kit includes eight 8"-dia., 1/2"-wide buffs designed to hold more compound and last a long time, plus a complete set of 6 buffing compounds so you'll have the proper abrasive for any project. The included DVD and instructions keep you easily on task as you achieve professional results when buffing stainless, brass, aluminum, pot metal and plastic. Wheels fit 1/2"-5/8" shafts.


    8 Buffing Wheels, 8" in dia. (2 each: Sisal, Spiral, Loose, Canton Flannel)
    6 Compounds (Emery, Stainless, Tripoli, Plastic, Jeweler's Rouge, White Rouge)
    Buff Rake
    Face Shield
    Dust Mask
    Instruction Booklet
    "The Art of Buffing" DVD


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    Click here for Buffing Instructions

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