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Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Qt Universal Gloss Black

Item #777 51632ZP Brand: Eastwood

Ceramic nano-technology engine
enamel withstands 650 degrees F


Eastwood's "Universal Gloss Black" Ceramic Engine Paint withstands up to 650 degreesF Super-durable engine paint utilizes ceramic nano-technology to produce a beautiful, factory-look finish that protects your engine and resists chips, chemicals and heat.
  • Withstands up to 650 degreesF (highest in the industry!)
  • Easy to apply – brush or spray
  • 1-quart can covers approx. 40 square feet
  • For additional durability and gloss, add Urethane Activator 21854Z

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About Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Qt Universal Gloss Black

Eastwood's Ceramic Engine Enamels provide a beautiful factory look finish that is super-durable and will withstand temperatures up to 650 degrees F. Developed using the latest ceramic nano-technology integrated with silicone alkyds, this is the new standard in engine coatings. Each color is replicated after the original color for that deep rich factory look. The ceramic nano-technology ensures that your motor will be protected and resist small chips, chemicals and heat. In fact this is the highest temperature range in the industry, 650 degrees F! NOT FOR USE ON EXHAUST MANIFOLDS OR HEADERS

Not for sale or use in California. Eastwood Paints are formulated to meet National Rule VOC regulations; check with your local and state guidelines as some areas may have stricter regulations than others.

Due to regulations pertaining to recycling, we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.


32 Fluid Ounces 1 US Quart


Eastwood offer a wide variety of underhood and undercart coatings. Exhaust manifold Paints Underhood black 10024z 10032z Spray Gray, 10109Z Aluma-Blast, 10036z Detail Gray PRE 10041z & 10194zp Underhood detailing kit 10426z Long term engine storage bag kit 50470 Engine rebuilding tools and installation equipment


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Consult MSDS for specific safety precautions. Always use in a well ventilated area.


Made in USA


To apply simply clean all surfaces with PRE (10041Z or 10194ZP) to remove all oils and greases, apply Ceramic Coating using a brush or spray gun. Two coats may be needed for full coverage. Some reduction up to 10%, may be needed to spray, use EW reducer 50104ZP. No primer is necessary and allow 24 hours to fully cure NOT FOR USE ON EXHAUST MANIFOLDS OR HEADERS

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