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    Chassis Black Paint Satin Quart

    Item #10043ZP

    Original long-lasting formula resists chips, corrosion, temps to 300°F


    Chassis Black Satin is the perfect coating for any undercar component—not glossy, not dull, just right! Realistic 60-70% gloss looks like OEM coatings on suspension parts and frame. Tough, long-lasting formula resists chips and corrosion, so it's ideal for the value-conscious enthusiast who wants a factory-fresh look while staying within a budget.
    • Resists corrosion, chips and scratches
    • Resists brake fluid, fuel, solvents, UV
    • Matches OEM finish
    • Apply multiple coats without lifting
    • 1-qt. can

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    About Chassis Black Paint Satin Quart

    Not glossy, not dull, just right! Authentic 60-70% gloss looks great on suspension parts and frame. Available in Qts. (covers 40 sq. ft.) and Aerosol (covers 8 sq. ft.). Proper for all makes and models. Tough formulation resists chips,corrosion and temperatures up to 300 degrees F ; covers fast, up to four times the coverage of similar size Aer.; average car uses just 3 to 5 cans for entire chassis! (Available in quarts,sprayable only) Works great over bare metal, Eastwood Rust Encapsulator, or Eastwood Chassis Black Primer. Buy 3 or more and save.


    Chassis black is pre thinned to sprayable consistency. One Qt. is enough to cover 40 Sq.ft, and withstands temperatures up to 300F.


    Made in the USA. 30 Day Eastwood Warranty. QUANTITY DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE FOR THIS ITEM


    This durable paint works well on frames, suspension parts and anywhere a tough chip resistant finish is needed. Covers 40 sq ft. Max Temp 300F. Apply to bare metal or Eastwood Rust Encapsulator (16040 Z) Aerosol, (16043Z) Pt, (16045ZP) Qt. or Chassis Black Primer (11193Z) Aerosol, (11194ZP) Qt. If additional thinning is desired this with Toluol or Xylol. Use these products in a well ventilated area, or wear a respirator like our Pro Respirator (34029).

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