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    Eastwood Detail Gray Paint

    Item #10036 EW Detail Gray

    Restore the original color of metal
    parts, and protect against rust


    • Produce a like new professional die cast and stamped steel finish
    • Protects parts up to 300°F
    • Also great for alternator and distributor housings

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    About Eastwood Detail Gray Paint

    This Detail Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of die cast and stamped steel. Protected up to 300 degrees F by this paint, metal parts will keep that brand new look for a long time. Available in aerosols and quarts. One aerosol covers 6 sq.ft., one quart covers 50 sq.ft., acrylic lacquer, natural low 4-15% gloss. Great on alternator and distributor housings.


    Detail Gray, also available in Quarts (10046ZP) is an acrylic lacquer that resembles stamped steel, rough cast aluminum, and looks great on die cast distributors and alternators. Each 13 oz. aerosol can covers 6 Sq. ft, maximum temperature 300F.


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