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Eastwood Dimpling Pliers

Item #31089 Brand: Eastwood

Countersink dimples in sheet metal
to hide countersunk rivet heads

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Dimpling Pliers lets you hide countersunk rivets in panels.

  • 10" locking pliers with dimpling head
  • "Pilot" self-centers the dimple

Dimpling Pliers puts a neat countersunk dimple in sheet metal to hide countersunk rivet heads.

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About Eastwood Dimpling Pliers

Dimpling feature is fitted onto 10" locking pliers for easy operation.


Simply line up your steel or aluminum patch panel over the repair area, and drill a series of 1/8" holes, spaced about 1" apart, through both panels. Remove the patch panel, dimple at each drilled hole, and do the same on the panel being repaired. The special "pilot" self-centers the dimple. Rivet the panel in place, cover the seam with a thin coat of filler, then finish.

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