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Eastwood DTM Epoxy Primer Gray Quart 1:1

Item #50242ZP

Eastwood's Epoxy Primer Gray Quart 1:1
Not for sale or use in California. Eastwood Paints are formulated to meet National Rule VOC regulations, check with your local and state guidelines as some areas may have stricter regulations than others.


  • Sand 2-3 days after easy application

About Eastwood DTM Epoxy Primer Gray Quart 1:1

Eastwood's Epoxy primer is a user-friendly two component primer sealer free of lead, chromate and isocyanates. This system provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance while drying fast and maintaining good color hold out. Can be applied over steel, aluminum, fiberglass, body fillers andexsisting finishes. Unlike mopst epoxy primers, Eastwoods Epoxy primer is easy to sand 2-3 days after application. Must use 50243 ZP 1:1 catalyst.


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Epoxy Primer-Safety & Application Instructions

MSDS Sheet

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