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Eastwood FuelGuard driver formula 6-pack

Item #12735Z6

Prevents corrosion, gumming, resin build-up caused by Ethanol


What can I do to protect my investment?

Eastwood's Fuel Guard additive system prevents the harmful effects caused by Ethanol and prevents corrosion, gunning and resin build-up. Use Fuel Guard Protection formula with every fill-up and Fuel Stabilizer formula for storage up to 12 months
  • Prevents Ethanol Phase Separation and the harmful impact of Ethanol blended fuels
  • Stabilizes Ethanol-blended fuels
  • Prevents corrosion in the fuel system
  • Helps remove water
  • Keeps stored fuel fresh for easy starting
  • Protects against gum & resin build-up
  • Prevents clogged carburetors, injectors, filters & fuel lines
  • Compatible with all 2 & 4 stroke engines
  • Contains no harmful alcohol or hydroscopic additives

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8 Fluid ounces


12736Z Storage Stabilzer


Do not drink. Use in a well ventilated are. Do not use near an open flame. Contents flammable


Made in USA


Add to every gas tank. One 8oz bottle treats up to 30 gallons of fuel. For best results pour one bottle in before adding fuel. Fill tank with gasoline This will ensure the additive is thoroughly mixed with the fuel treat ratio is 1oz for every 5 gallons of gasoline