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  • Eastwood Gloss Extreme Chassis Restoration Kit w/Primer

    Eastwood Gloss Extreme Chassis Restoration Kit w/Primer

    Item #11957Z Brand: Eastwood

    Prime it, then topcoat with Extreme Chassis Black with 3X the resins


    Extreme Chassis Black Gloss and Primer Restoration Kit top-coats with 3X the resins of traditional coatings, so it's tough enough for any undercar component You've spent many hours prepping your frame and suspension parts; now top-coat it with a tough, OEM-matching, gloss formula that provides extreme durability! 3 times more resins make it 3 times more durable than our original Chassis Black.
    • Improved resistance against corrosion, chips and scratches
    • Resists brake fluid, fuel and solvents
    • Matches OEM finish
    • Apply multiple coats without lifting
    • Primer maximizes adhesion
    • Enough to cover most front sub-frames, or up to 20 sq. ft., with a double coat

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    About Eastwood Gloss Extreme Chassis Restoration Kit w/Primer

    Gloss Extreme Chassis Restoration Kit With Primer - Includes 2 aerosol cans of Gloss Extreme Chassis Black, and 2 aerosol cans of Extreme Chassis Black Primer. Enough paint to cover most front subframes or up to 20 square feet with a double coat.


    11172Z Extreme Chassis Black Gloss, 14-oz. Aerosol (2 cans)
    11193Z Extreme Chassis BlackĀ® Primer, 14-oz. Aerosol (2 cans)


    Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection when painting. Follow label directions and consult MSDS for specific warnings.

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