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Eastwood Gloss Extreme Chassis Restoration Kit w/RE

Item #11960ZP Brand: Eastwood

Stop and seal rust with RE; topcoat with tough Extreme Chassis Black
Not for sale or use in California. Eastwood Paints are formulated to meet National Rule VOC regulations; check with your local and state guidelines as some areas may have stricter regulations than others.


2-Step Restoration Kit: first encapsulate, then coat, the rust It's all in this kit. Step 1: seal and stop corrosion from spreading with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator. Step 2: coat it with Extreme Chassis Black Gloss, with 3 times the resins of traditional coatings.
  • 1-qt. can of Rust Encapsulator penetrates deeper to prevent rust from spreading or forming, even in hard-to-reach areas
  • Two 1-qt. cans of Extreme Chassis Black Gloss offer improved resistance to brake fluid, fuel, solvent, chips and scratches

About Eastwood Gloss Extreme Chassis Restoration Kit w/RE

Eastwood Rust Encapsulator has been tested by an independent lab to be one of the most effective rust-preventive products yet. Rust Encapsulator is a great primer for floor pans and other underbody parts. It fills tiny pin-holes and surface irregularities, and is compatible with lacquer, enamel and urethane topcoats. 1-qt. can covers about 50 sq. ft.

3 times more resins make our Extreme Chassis Black Gloss 3 times more durable than our original Chassis Black formula. Can be re-coated at any time without lifting. 1-qt. can covers about 40 sq. ft. (you get two cans).

Due to regulations pertaining to paint recycling, at this time we are unable to ship this product to Alberta, Canada.


16065ZP Black Rust Encapsulator, Quart (1 can)
11173ZP Extreme Chassis Black Gloss, Quart (2 cans)

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