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EW Heavy Duty Anti Rust Qts Black

Item #16032ZP

Spray inside doors and rockers where painting won't be required.

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Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust protects internal surfaces against rust Works with your undercoat spray gun to apply a black, waxy film that sticks to bare metal or painted surfaces, and won't crack, flake or peel. Use inside frames, doors, rocker panels or on any exposed surface where painting will not be required.
  • Air-tight, watertight barrier prevents and slows rust
  • Ideal for rocker panels, frame, rails, tailgates
  • Self-heals if scratched
  • 1-qt. can covers 20 sq. ft.

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About EW Heavy Duty Anti Rust Qts Black

Black Heavy Duty Anti Rust is the same rust stopping formulation as our original amber 16017ZP Heavy Duty Anti Rust. Black Heavy Duty Anti Rust produces a satin black waxey oiley finish that looks great on frame and suspension parts. One quart, 32 fluid ounces. Thread-on lid fits the 16003 Undercoating System gun.


1-qt. can of Anti-Rust


20441 Undercoating Gun

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