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Eastwood Metal Blackening Solution 1 Pt

Item #10113ZB

When you run out of concentrated blackening solution, get more here


Additional Concentrate for your Metal-Blackening System Eastwood’s Metal-Blackening System lets you blacken iron and steel parts quickly, safely, and economically, with no special equipment. When you run out of the concentrated blackening solution, here's where to get more.
  • Reproduce the OEM look of black oxide
  • Mild acid solution
  • Odorless, non-caustic, and produces no fumes
  • 1 pint of concentrate makes 2 quarts of solution

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About Eastwood Metal Blackening Solution 1 Pt

Replacement Metal Blackening Concentrate keeps your Metal Blackening System operating.


Replacement Metal Blackening Concentrate, 1 pint. Enough to make 2 quarts of Blackening Solution.


Made in the USA. 30 Day Eastwood Warranty.


For making new solution, mix 1 pint of concentrate with 3 pints of distilled water. Distilled water is preferred for longest solution life.

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