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Eastwood Reptile Red w/Activator Kit

Item #50374ZP

Premium acrylic urethane topcoat for exceptional long-lasting beauty


Eastwood Reptile Red is a premium true acrylic urethane topcoat that provides exceptional long-lasting beauty and durability. This premium two component topcoat system is blended with top-quality raw materials and advanced composition coatings technology. Superior to acrylic, alkyd and laquer coatings, a catalized urethane system offers unsurpassed durability and resistance to UV exposure, chemicals and annoying stone chips. Eastwood's line of paints will hold their gloss longer and won't yellow. 96 Fl. Oz 3:1 Single stage Topcoat system, requires 21856ZP activator

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EW Reptile Red plus Qt Activator Kit

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