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Eastwood Candeez Silver Base Gallon Activator

Item #51678ZP Brand: Eastwood

For dramatic finishes, use this silver-metallic base under Candeez colors


Eastwood's Candeez combines brilliant candy colors with advanced high-solids urethane 2k technology. This system is completely interchangeable and gives you full control to customize and create unique artwork. The Candeez can be applied over any of the Eastwood Urethane finishes, but for the most dramatic finishes, apply over Eastwood's Silver-Metallic bases (51549ZP & 51678ZP). To ensure maximum intercoat adhesion use Candeez in conjunction with Eastwood's 2K Urethane Primer, Paints and European Clear Coats. Candeez quarts mix 4:1 and must be activated with 21854Z 4:1 activator.

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About Eastwood Candeez Silver Base Gallon Activator

Eastwood's Silver metallic base is ideal as a base coat for the Candeez custom paints. The Silver base can also be used under other brands of candies. EW Silver base's metallic flakes are very coarse to rally bring out the topcoat. Silver metallic basecoat must be top coated. Mix 3:1 with 21856 ZP 32oz activator, included in this kit. Compatible with all Eastwood primers and clears.


Contains 96oz oz of Silver Base Coat 32oz activator


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Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection. Use in well ventilated area and wear appropriate NIOSH/MSHA approved respirator. Read all warnings on can before applying. See MSDS for additional safety information. ALWAYS PAINT IN WELL VENTILATED AREA AWAY FROM OPEN FLAMES. For spills, fire or exposure, call CHEMTREC 24/7 800-424-9300


Made in USA


Clean surface to be painted with Eastwood PRE, painting prep. Abrade substrate with 600-800 grit sandpaper. Mix 3:1 with activator. Apply 2-3 coats, or until desired thickness is achieved. Metallics may take additional coats to achieve full coverage. Tack free in 1 hour, Tape dry in 8 hours, full cure in 18-24 hours. Temperature will affect dry times. Recoat window is 18 hours. Spray with a 1.5mm - 1.8mm tip size in either HVLP or conventional gun.

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