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Eastwood Skip-Proof Spotweld Cutter

Item #11276 Brand: Eastwood

Includes a 3/8"-dia. cutter and a 3/16" skip-proof pilot drill bit


Skip-Proof Spot Weld Cutter effortlessly drills-out spot welds 1-piece cutter makes clean cuts through spot welds, without damaging the bottom panel, with little or no grinding required to finish the job. Pilot bit included to prevent skipping.
  • One 3/8"-dia. cutter (0.090" wall)
  • One 3/16" skip-proof pilot drill bit
  • Deep flutes for faster cutting
  • Non-slip arbor fits 3/8" or larger chucks

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About Eastwood Skip-Proof Spotweld Cutter

Spot Weld Cutter is perfect for removing spot welds in auto body and automotive restoration. Comes with a skip-proof pilot bit. Made in USA.


3/8"-dia. Cutter (0.090" wall)
Skip-Proof Pilot Drill Bit
Non-Slip Arbor


12580 Replacement Pilot Drill Bits, 3-pack
11277 Replacement 3/8" Cutters, 3-pack

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