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Eastwood Spray Gray Paint

Item #10032 EW Spray Gray

Matches original equipment with
the look of freshly cast iron


Spray Gray™ Cast-Iron Paint restores that brand-new cast-iron look
  • Cast Iron Paint reproduces the original look of cast-iron parts
  • Perfect for cast-iron water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more
  • Protects against rust and corrosion too
  • Acrylic lacquer cast-iron spray paint has a low 4-15% gloss
  • Heat-resistant to 300 degreesF
  • 12-oz. aerosol covers 6 sq. ft.

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About Eastwood Spray Gray Paint

Spray Gray™ Cast-Iron Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of your car’s cast-iron parts while helping prevent rust and corrosion, so those parts will look brand new for a long, long time. Using this cast-iron spray paint is an ideal way to re-finish cast-iron water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more. Cast-iron spray paint is an acrylic lacquer that has a low 4-15% gloss. Heat-resistant up to 300 degrees F. One 12-oz. aerosol can covers 6 sq. ft


One 12-oz. aerosol can of Spray Gray™ Cast-Iron Paint covers 6 sq. ft.

MSDS Sheet

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