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  • Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar

    Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar

    Item #31043 Brand: Eastwood

    Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar


    Use Eastwood Tinning Butter for tinning sheet metal prior to applying body solder Tinning butter prepares the bare metal surface so that body solder has a good base to adhere to.
    • Easy to apply right from the jar
    • Just brush on and heat the metal
    • No mixing required
    • 1-lb. jar

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    About Eastwood Tinning Butter 1 lb Jar

    This tinning butter flux is made of premium 50% tin powder that bonds to the metal when heated with an ordinary propane torch. Leaves a good base for additional body solder. 1-lb. jar.


    Always use hand and eye protection. Work in a well-ventilated area. Never use power tools to shape lead. Always wash your hands and forearms as soon as you finish. Don't eat, drink or smoke after handling lead until after you've washed your hands, even if you wore gloves.

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