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  • Eastwood SSU Medium Activator Quart 32oz

    Eastwood SSU Medium Activator Quart 32oz

    Item #444 21856ZP Brand: Eastwood

    Hardens and cures our Single-Stage Urethane Paints
    Not for sale or use in California. Eastwood Paints are formulated to meet National Rule VOC regulations; check with your local and state guidelines as some areas may have stricter regulations than others.


    Urethane Paint Activator works with Eastwood's Single-Stage Urethane Paints Add it to harden and cure our single-stage urethane paints.
    • Mix 1 part Activator with 3 parts Single-Stage Urethane Paint
    • 2-hour pot life at 70 degreesF

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    About Eastwood SSU Medium Activator Quart 32oz

    This activator is for use with the 21855ZP Hot Rod Black. Mix 3 parts Rat Rod Black to 1 part Activator. The entire quart may be added to the 21855ZP 3/4 Gallon Rat Rod Black if spraying an entire vehicle. Pot life is 2 hours at 70 degrees F. Higher temperatures and humidity will shorten pot life significantly.

    MSDS Sheet

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    32-oz. can of Urethane Activator for Rat Rod Black Paint

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