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Wheel Buffing Kit

Item #13105 Brand: Eastwood

Refinish 4 wheels for the cost of
1 professionally re-finished wheel
This item ships from the manufacturer. Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.


  • Restore your wheels at a fraction of the cost!
  • One year hassle free warranty.

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About Wheel Buffing Kit

Make old, road-worn aluminum or mag wheels look new or create a custom look. This Kit provides the materials and detailed instructions needed to refinish 4 wheels, or more at roughly the cost of having just one wheel professionally re-finished. This kit contains one each of the following: 12.75 oz. tube of Tripoli Compound, 16 oz. tube of White Rouge Compound, 4" Spiral Sewn Buff with 1/2" hole, 4" Loose Section Buff with 1/2" hole, two Tapered Goblet Buffs, one Buff Mandrel, and one Wheel Arbor.


Our customers have found that using our 6" Spiral Sewn Wheel (13034) and 6" Loose Section Buff (13043) saves time when buffing a wheel. The Wheel Smoothing & Buffing Kit includes the items in both individual kits at increased savings. Self-Etching Primer (16014z) prepares wheels for painting.

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