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EW Wheel Smoothing and Buffing Kit

Item #13107 Brand: Eastwood

Includes 8 buffs, 5 compounds,
accessories and instructions

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Smoothing and Buffing Kit restores your wheels at a fraction of the cost of a professional refinisher In your own garage, this Smoothing and Buffing Kit helps you make old, road-worn aluminum or mag wheels look like new. Or create a custom look!
  • 8 buffs
  • 5 compounds
  • Accessories and instructions

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About EW Wheel Smoothing and Buffing Kit

Each kit provides the materials and detailed instructions needed to refinish four wheels, or more — at roughly the cost of having just one wheel professionally refinished! 1-year hassle-free warranty.


4 Spiral Buffs (4")
3 Tapered Goblet Buffs
4" Loose Section Buff
2 Buff Tapers for 1/4" Chucks
2 Shank Mandrels (1/4")
3-lb. Tube of 80-Grit Greaseless Compound
3-lb. Tube of 220-Grit Greaseless Compound
3-lb. Tube of 320-Grit Greaseless Compound
13-oz. Tube of Tripoli Compound
14-oz. Tube of White Rouge Compound


Our customers have found that by first using the following 6" buff wheels before preceding to the 4" wheel included in this kit, the job goes much faster.

13034 Spiral-Sewn Buff Wheel (6")
13043 Loose Buff Wheel (6")


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