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Eastwood's Top Ten Products
Eastwood's Top 10 Tools
For over 30 years, Eastwood has offered top-notch, solution-based products to automotive hobbyists. Below are our top 10 tools that any hobbyist needs.

DeVilbiss Paint Gun Set
DeVilbiss Paint Gun Set
Shrinker Stretcher Set
Eastwood Fender Roller
Bead Roller

10025Z - Chassis Black®
Satin Aerosol

  • Great results with 60-70% gloss for suspension parts and frame
  • Epoxy fortified
  • Works great over bare metal or Rust Encapsulator
  • Perfect for priming &  painting
  • Two guns for the average price of one
  • Create patch panels
  • Perfect for restorers & customizers
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to use
  • Gain clearance/ eliminate  tire rub
  • Perfect for fabricating patch panels
  • Vise mount design

Eastwood English Wheel
Eastwood English Wheel
Tubing Bender & Forming Pliers
Mini Anvil & Trim Hammer Set
7 Piece Hammer & Dolly Set

  • Transforms rust into a protective coating that seals and protects
  • Aerosol is great for those hard to reach areas
  • Repairs most dents, creases, welds rivets
  • Shrinks metal high spots
  • Form & bend brake, fuel, and transmission lines
  • Pliers allow easy alignment & adjusting o  lines
  • Adds a chrome like finish
  • Do it yourself and save
  • Just polish after simple plating process
  • Popular profiles & shapes for repairing damaged panels
  • Polished faces & fiberglass handles