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External Coil Spring Compressor

Item #49016 Brand: Horizon Tool

Works where an internal-type compressor won't; with 3 safety hooks


For safe installation of coil springs, use this External Coil-Spring Compressor External Coil Spring Compressor works where an internal-type compressor won't. Unlike conventional internal compressors, the 3 shafts fit on the outside of the spring, so you can remove and install springs on virtually any vehicle.
  • Three 5/8"-dia. shafts
  • Three safety hooks retain tool on spring
  • NOT for MacPherson struts

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About External Coil Spring Compressor

Makes installation and removal of front coil springs much easier. Uses your 15/16" socket. Includes 3 safety hooks and instructions. Made in the USA.

NOTE: Not for use on MacPherson struts.


Three 5/8"-diameter threaded shafts. The coil hooks accommodate coils up to 3/4" diameter. (Three safety hooks included are designed only to retain the tool on the spring and not secure the actual "finger".)


Use of safety glasses is highly recommended. NOTE: Not for use on MacPherson struts.

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