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    Fastrax Camber/Caster Gauge

    Item #49089 Brand: Fastrax

    Improve handling, save suspension
    and tire wear on 13" to 18" wheels


    Improve handling, plus save suspension and tire wear, when you set your tires' proper camber and caster with Fastrax™ Fastrax™ Camber/Caster Gauge works in the shop or track to help you easily set tires' proper camber and caster; optional toe adapter also available (see "Accessories" tab).
    • Displays camber +/- 4 degrees, caster -4 to +12 degrees
    • Fits most 13" to 18" wheels
    • Adjusts to any surface

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    About Fastrax Camber/Caster Gauge

    Fastrax™ Camber & Caster Gauge sets camber (the inward negative, or outward positive, tilt of the wheel top as viewed from the front), and caster (the front wheel angle as viewed from the side; positive caster is when the upper ball joint is rearward of lower). Fastrax is "zero set" for level floors, but adjusts to any surface. Anodized aluminum. Precision locking rack-and-pinion adjuster. Easy-to-read calibrated bubble level. Instructions included. 90-day limited mfr's. warranty. Made in USA.


    49088 Fastrax Adapter Kit for Setting Wheel Toe

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