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    Eastwood Fender Finisher - Hand Fender Former Tool

    Item #11537 Brand: Eastwood

    "Rolls" front fender lips to increase
    clearance; no need to remove tire


    Fender Finisher® easily "rolls" front fender lips to increase tire clearance without having to remove the wheel Fender Finisher Tool "rolls" the sharp inner edge of the fender to produce a rolled edge that will not interfere with the tire when suspension compresses
    • The easiest way to gently alter factory edges
    • Reduce wheel rub on a lowered front end
    • Great for large wheel/tire combos
    • No need to remove tire; use in your garage or driveway

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    About Eastwood Fender Finisher - Hand Fender Former Tool

    Extended-reach handle gives you the leverage you need to "roll" fenders easily. A typical car will take 20-30 minutes, and can be done without jacking-up the car or removing the wheel. Stamped steel frame with molded hand grips and a durable powder-coated finish. Replaceable rubber pads (two extra included) will not damage painted surfaces. Tool weighs 2.5 lbs. and is about 12" long overall.


    Use the Fender Finisher to "roll" the inner sheet metal lip of the front fenders to gain more clearance when going to a larger size wheel/tire combo, or lowering the vehicle.


    (Q) How do I avoid damaging the automotive paint?
    (A) Use a heat gun to gently heat the paint on the outside of the fender as you use work.


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