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    Fender Roller and Fender Finisher Kit

    Item #11989 Brand: Eastwood

    "Roll" inner fender lip for clearance;
    use fender finisher for final touch


    Eastwood's exclusive Fender-Rolling Tool and Fender Finisher Kit won't let your fender ruin expensive tires on lowered vehicles First use the Roller to easily and quickly “roll” the entire inner lip on a wheel opening to increase fender/tire clearance. Then use the Fender Finisher™ for the final touch, creating a crisp, smooth edge, with the lip pressed fully up against the body for the ideal fender clearance.
    • Includes Eastwood's exclusive Fender Roller
    • Includes Eastwood's Fender Finisher
    • Increases clearance between tire and fender, flares fenders, and repairs wheel-arch collision damage

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    About Fender Roller and Fender Finisher Kit

    Our Exclusive Fender-Rolling Tool bolts directly onto the wheel's hub flange, and the elongated holes in the adapter plate fit all popular 4- and 5-bolt hubs. It's held in place with the included dished washers and your vehicle's lug nuts. Accommodates up to a 120.6 mm (4.75") 4- or 5-lug bolt circles. Forming arm adjustability ranges from a minimum of 14" to a maximum of 22-3/4" hub-center-to-edge-of-roller to handle most automotive and light truck projects. Non-returnable. Limited one-year warranty: if defective, we'll replace the tool.

    Delrin® ball-bearing fender-former roller is tough enough to easily form the fender, but without damaging the paint finish. To prevent paint from cracking when forming wheel arches, gently heat the paint before forming; we recommend our Heat Pro Deluxe Variable-Temperature Heat Gun Kit (43522).

    Eastwood Fender Finisher. Extended-reach handle gives you the leverage you need to "roll" fenders easily, without having to remove the wheel. A typical car will take 20-30 minutes, and can be done without jacking-up the car or removing the wheel. Stamped steel frame with molded hand grips and a durable powder-coated finish. Replaceable rubber pads (two extra included) will not damage painted surfaces. Tool weighs 2.5 lbs. and is about 12" long overall.


    31158 Eastwood Fender Roller Tool
    11537 Eastwood Fender Finisher - Hand Fender Former Tool


    43522 Heat Pro Deluxe Variable-Temperature Heat Gun Kit


    (Q) Will the Fender Roller work on all passenger cars?
    (A) For the most part, yes, but won't work with vehicles with larger hubs, such as trucks, VWs and Porsches.

    (Q) Will it work on all fenders?
    (A) Yes, except dual-thickness flanged fenders, mostly found on the rear of full-size cars, such as a 1987 Grand National.

    (Q) What range will it extend?
    (A) From the center of the hub to the roller it will extend from 14" to 22-3/4".

    (Q) How do I avoid damaging the automotive paint?
    (A) Use a heat gun to gently heat the paint on the outside of the fender as you use work.


    Make sure vehicle is secure before removing wheels. Use quality jack stands and wheel chocks. Always wear eye, skin and respiratory protection.