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Final Assembly/Chafe Tape

Item #51659 Brand: Surface Armour

Protects painted and unpainted
surfaces, without adhesive residue


Here's the same Protective Film you've seen shielding new cars being transported on the highway...in a more user-friendly size! Pressure-sensitive polyethylene film protects painted and unpainted surfaces against chips, scratches, debris and UV damage for up to 6 months, all without leaving any adhesive residue.
  • Sticks without adhesive
  • 3-mil thick
  • 6"-wide, 20-foot long roll

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About Final Assembly/Chafe Tape

3-mil-thick (0.003") film contains no adhesives; it adheres to surfaces with static pressure, so it will stay on a vehicle traveling up to 100 mph. 6"-wide, 20-ft.-long roll; cut to size with scissors.


One roll of 6"-wide, 20-ft.-long, 0.003"-thick Protective Polyethylene Film


Use to protect painted or unpainted door edges and panels, fenders, hoods, roof panels and more during restoration or transportation.


Do not apply to windshield while vehicle is in motion. Do not let children play with product. Do not apply to any engine or exhaust components.

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