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Find and Stop Water Leaks

Is there a water leak in a windshield, rear window or body seam that you just can’t seem to find...or stop? This time-proven technique using Eastwood's Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust (in Neutral or Black) is for you.

Most water leaks originate along windshield and rear window seals or cowl and other body seams. Follow this procedure to find and isolate the entry point:

On a clear, dry day, climb inside your car and have your helper take a garden hose and run the water over the car in the area suspected of leaking. If you're not sure from which area the leak is originating, start from the lower areas, such as the cowl, and work your way up around the windshield pillars and around the roof. Once the water flowing from the hose reaches the entry point, your leak should begin. At this point stop the water, note the exterior location, and thoroughly dry the car. Leaving it in bright sun for a few hours is best.

To seal the leak, pour some Eastwood Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust into an empty metal coffee can or other suitable container, and place the container into gently boiling water. Allow the Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust to “melt” and thin-out to a water-like pouring consistency. Form a pouring spout in your container by bending it, and while wearing heat-resistant gloves, CAREFULLY begin pouring the thinned out Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust into the suspected leak path. It will flow like water into the leak area. Let it cool and solidify, after which it will fill-in the gap, seam or hole, sealing the leak.

After the Heavy-Duty Anti-Rust has solidified, use kerosene to remove any excess spilled on the exterior of your car. It will quickly dissolve the Anti-Rust and not harm your paint.