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    Flanger/Punch Tool Pneumatic 7/32"

    Item #31015 Brand: Eastwood

    Produces 0.040" offset flanges and
    punches 7/32"-dia. holes


    It's a Flanger, and a 7/32" Punch, in one handy pneumatic tool Double-action head swivels to let you create flanges and holes from any angle with just a squeeze of the handle.
    • Produce 0.040" offset flanges
    • Punch 7/32"-dia. holes
    • Requires 4 cfm at 90 psi

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    About Flanger/Punch Tool Pneumatic 7/32"

    2-in-1 pneumatic tool saves space in your metalworking toolbox! One side of the double-action head produces 0.040" offset flanges on 20-gauge metal or thinner for clean welding with little grinding. The other side produces perfectly clean 7/32"-diameter holes that are ideal for plug welding; punches holes 1/4" from the panel edge in up to 14-gauge. Unique swivel-head design lets you work from almost any angle.


    The Pneumatic Flange and Punch Tool produces a 0.040" offset flange for flush repairs up to 20-gauge, or punches clean 7/32" holes in up to 14-gauge steel. Requires 4 cfm at 90 psi. NOTE: The center of the hole produced is 1/4" from the panel edge.


    20560 Straight Pneumatic Flanger-Punch Tool for 5/16" (8mm) holes

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