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Full Bore Sheet Metal Book

Item #13923 Brand: Fullbore Publishing

Learn metal-shaping tips & techniques from the pros


Full Bore Sheet Metal: Metal-shaping tips and techniques from the pros

  • 152 pages
  • Paperback

Written by shop guys—Mark Prosser and Bryan Fuller—for shop guys. Full Bore Sheet Metal is a very readable "information" book that focuses on the custom sheet metal shaping/fabrication industry. Packed with useful information for anyone interested in this industry on any level.

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About Full Bore Sheet Metal Book

Mark Prosser teaches welding and fabrication at a Wisconsin technical college, and Bryan Fuller is the owner of Fuller Hot Rods and was co-host of the SPEED Channel's "Two Guys Garage". The two of them have come together to create a very informative book that is presented in an amusing and engaging way.


Chapter 1 - The Rules
Chapter 2 - The Tools
Chapter 3 - Hammer Forms and Bucks
Chapter 4 - Welding
Chapter 5 - Metal Types
Chapter 6 - Metal Finishing
Chapter 7 - Project 1 - Rune Headlights
Chapter 8 - Project 2 - The Soriano Tank
Chapter 9 - Project 3 - The Cafe Racer
Chapter 10 - Project 4 - ’33 Ford Door Skin Project

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