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Full Chassis Restoration Kit Black

Item #10072ZBLK Brand: Eastwood

Encapsulate rust, then use Chassis Black to protect against new rust


Restore an average-size chassis by encapsulating rust, then protecting it, with this Full-Chassis Restoration Kit You'll start with the Rust Encapsulator to seal old rust, then use our Original Chassis Black to provide tough protection against salt, corrosion and other road abuse.
  • Enough Rust Encapsulator to cover 50 sq. ft.
  • Enough Original Chassis Black (Satin) to cover 32 sq. ft.

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About Full Chassis Restoration Kit Black

Restore your chassis completely with this Restoration Kit. Got rust? Use the Rust Encapsulator. Rust Encapsulator works as an excellent rust preventative as well as a primer for your Chassis Black. The Chassis Black paint will allow you to correctly paint all of the suspension parts and frame on your project. Proper for all makes and models. It looks good and provides tough protection. It is specially formulated from a tough epoxy base to resist chips, salt and mud corrosion, and other forms of road abuse. It's high solids content provides up to 4 times the coverage of similar size aerosols.


The Full Chassis Restoration Kit includes: 1 qt. Rust Encapsulator (enough to cover @50 sq. ft.) and 4 aerosol cans of Original Chassis Black (each 15 oz. aer. covers @8 sq.ft.)


PRE Painting Prep (10041Z) removes residual grease, oil, wax, and silicones to promote paint adhesion.


Made in the USA. 30 Day Eastwood Warranty.


Glass reinforced Rust Encapsulator can be applied directly over rust to form an excellant base for our chip resistant Chassis Black. Each can of Chassis Black covers 8 sq ft, and withstands up to 300 degrees F. Chassis Black is an Epoxyester resin. Each qt. of Rust Encapsulator covers 50 sq. ft. and withstands temperatures up to 400 degrees F. To prepare surface use a wire brush to remove loose rust, and de-grease with lacquer thinner or use PRE Painting Prep (10041 Z). Use these products in a well ventilated area, or use a respirator like our Pro Respirator (34029).

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