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Gas Tank Sealer Kits - Eastwood Gas Tank Sealer

Item #Gas tank sealer kits 10165Z

Keep rust out of your vehicle's
fuel system, and seal minor leaks


Seal that older gas tank to keep rust out of your vehicle's fuel system, and to seal minor leaks.

Wondering how to seal a gas tank? Our Gas Tank Sealer Kit rids the gas tank of damaging rust, and then seals it, so your fuel stays cleaner. Plus, the gas tank sealant seals minor leaks, so there's no need to search all around town (or pay) for a replacement gas tank for your restoration project. It's an inexpensive way to repair your gas tank. Kit includes:

  • Metal Wash
  • Fast Etch Rust Remover
  • Gas Tank Sealer
  • Muriatic Acid and Acetone are available locally

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About Gas Tank Sealer Kits - Eastwood Gas Tank Sealer

Motorcycle Kit is for restoring one metal tank up to 5 gallons. Car Kit is for restoring one metal tank up to 20 gallons.

A clean supply of fuel is critical to the performance of any vehicle. Hard starting, stumbling under load, and sluggish response may be symptoms of a car's dirty fuel system. The best way to ensure that the fuel is clean is to be certain that the fuel tank is free of rust. See the "FAQs" tab for additional "how to seal a gas tank" information.

Not for use in tanks containing Nitro Methane or Aniline oils.


Gas Tank Sealer (1 pint in Motorcycle Kit, 2 pints in Car Kit)
1 pint Rust Remover
7 ozs. Metal Wash
You will need to purchase Muriatic Acid (dilute 20:1) and Acetone from your local hardware store.


Extra Gas Tank Sealer
Tank Tone Spray on Oem Look Corrosion Protection


(Q) How do I use this kit?
(A) First you'll use the Metal Wash to remove any fuel varnish in the tank, then use muriatic acid (diluted 20:1; available at your local hardware store) to etch into the metal and rust. Rinse with water, then pour Fast Etch inside to coat all surfaces. Pour out the excess Fast Etch, then pour in Acetone (available from your local hardware store) to coat interior. After pouring excess Acetone out, pour in Gas Tank Sealer to coat all surfaces. Finally, drain-off excess and allow to dry. (Additional sealer can be applied if the coating hasn't been exposed to fuel.)

(Q) Does it matter what kind of fuel will be used in the tank?
(A) The sealer resists fuel additives and is compatible with both gas and diesel fuels. Your newly reconditioned tank will resist rust and corrosion build-up, ensuring years of reliable service.

(Q) What if I have to remove old sealer?
(A) Should the need arise to remove old sealer, pour in a gallon or more of Acetone. It may take up to 2 days for the Acetone to completely dissolve the old sealer.

(Q) Does this kit work on an aluminum or fiberglass tank?
(A) Omit the Muriatic Acid step if using this kit in an aluminum tank. If you wish to use this kit in a fiberglass tank, test for compatibility by exposing an inconspicuous area to Acetone to test for softening. If no excessive softening occurs, follow label instructions, but omit Muriatic Acid and Rust Remover steps.


Work in a well-ventilated area. Leave at least one opening uncapped when not actually tumbling the tank.

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