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GearWrench® 82303 5 Piece Hammer Set

Item #70177 Brand: GearWrench

Get ready for shaping, pounding,
forming, assembling and more


These 5 GearWrench® Hammers will each feel like an extension of your arm as you work all around your garage and shop For shaping, pounding, forming, assembling and more, you'll be ready with these strong, durable GearWrench hammers.
  • Ball Pein Hammer
  • Dead Blow Hammer
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Drilling Hammer
  • Soft-Face Hammer

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About GearWrench® 82303 5 Piece Hammer Set

(1) 16-oz. Ball Pein Hammer is perfect for shaping body, underpinning, rivets and more. Cushioned, vibration-absorbing comfort grip helps reduce shock to your elbow and wrist during striking, riveting, punching and shaping jobs. Precision-hardened striking face; precisely crowned face and bevel. Epoxy formed fiberglass handle. Full-polished, forged alloy steel head.

(2) Dead Blow Hammer generates positive force with minimal rebound. When a conventional hammer would be too harsh, hit it "dead on" with this 16-oz. GearWrench® Dead Blow Hammer featuring steel shot blast for increased positive force with minimal rebound; won't spark. Use for chassis work or to dislodge stuck parts. No-mar, impact-resistant composite handle has a solid molded case over inner steel frame; rubber grip.

(3) 16-oz. Rubber Mallet softens the blow while generating the right amount of force. Ideal for forming sheet metal since it won't leave marks or dents. You can also use this rubber mallet to force tight-fitting parts together. Chip-resistant, no-mar rubber head is molded and pinned to the hickory handle.

(4) 3-lb. Drilling Hammer for when you really have to pound. With its precision-hardened striking face and forged alloy steel head, you can really pound away with this well-balanced GearWrench Drilling Hammer. For heavy-duty use with punches, chisels, star drills, stakes. Cushioned rubber grip absorbs most of the shock. Durable fiberglass handle. Short enough to easily fit into your tool bag.

(5) Soft-Face Hammer for light assembly applications where you need to keep the workpiece in top condition. 2-faced, 12-oz. Soft Hammer provides protection while working on delicate applications, with just enough "give" to avoid ruining the workpiece. GearWrench Soft-Face Hammer gets the job done with 2 protective polyurethane faces: one harder (gray), one softer (yellow); both are replaceable. 1-1/8"-diameter face. Steel handle with rubber comfort grip.

Includes storage tray. Imported.


Ball Pein Hammer
16-oz. Dead Blow Hammer
Rubber Mallet
3-lb. Drilling Hammer
12-oz. Soft-Face Hammer
Storage Tray


GearWrench® hand tools are warranted for life to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Carrying cases, pouches, accessory bits and consumable products, if any, are not covered by this warranty. If any GearWrench® hand tool purchased at Eastwood, when used for its intended purpose, fails to give you complete satisfaction, please contact Apex Tool Group Consumer Division at (888) 757-1812 for free replacement or return.


Always wear appropriate eye protection.

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