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    GearWrench® 3680 Serpentine Belt Tool

    Item #43406 Brand: GearWrench

    Squeaky serpentine belt? Set gives
    you easier access to change it


    Squeaky belts? The GearWrench® Serpentine Belt Tool Set has all the tools you need to do the job right When turning up your radio doesn't quite drown out that annoying squeaking anymore, this GearWrench® Serpentine Belt Tool Set can give you easier access during the otherwise-daunting task of changing that serpentine belt.
    • Works with any vehicle
    • Easy access with 9 crow's feet and sockets
    • Includes a 13mm socket to go along with the 13mm crow's foot
    • Keep the whole set handy in its own storage case

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    About GearWrench® 3680 Serpentine Belt Tool

    Avoid engine breakdowns on the road by making sure your serpentine belt is in good condition. If it's not, use this GearWrench® Serpentine Belt Tool Set to change it! Ratchet wrench needs just 5 degrees for box end to turn fastener. Applies the driving force on the socket walls, not the points, to help reduce rounding and add durability. Having sockets and crow's feet in the same set gives you complete coverage over all vehicles.


    Long Bar
    Special Ratcheting Wrench
    3 Adapters (3/8", 1/2" and 3/4")
    6 Sockets (6-point), 13mm-19mm sizes
    3 Crow's Feet, 13mm-15mm sizes
    Storage Case


    Always wear appropriate eye protection.


    GearWrench® hand tools are warranted for life to be free of defects in material and workmanship. Carrying cases, pouches, accessory bits and consumable products, if any, are not covered by this warranty. If any GearWrench® hand tool purchased at Eastwood, when used for its intended purpose, fails to give you complete satisfaction, please contact Apex Tool Group Consumer Division at (888) 757-1812 for free replacement or return.

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