GM "One Wire" Alternator Installation

Thank you for purchasing one of the finest and most efficient GM alternators on the market today. The installation of this unit is very straight forward and similar to the original unit it is replacing. You can reuse your existing belt however we recommend a new belt is installed for safety. Please follow the steps below to assure correct installation:

  1. Disconnect Negative battery cable before proceeding.
  2. Loosen tension bolt on top of original alternator.
  3. Loosen alternator mount bolt.
  4. Remove belt.
  5. Disconnect the main battery (B+) wire at the rear of the alternator (this will be the heavier gauge wire with ring terminal).
  6. Disconnect plug and any additional ground wire that may be present.
  7. Remove lower mount bolt- take note if any washers or spacers are present- they must be re-installed in the same position.
  8. Install new alternator in place and install lower mount bolt with any original washers or spacers just as removed.
  9. Install upper tension bolt and belt.
  10. Adjust belt tension per factory specs (approx.1/2" defection) and tighten the tension bolt and mount bolt per factory torque specs.
  11. Install the appropriate size ring teminal on the main battery (B+) wire using either a quality crimp connector or solder and connect to the threaded (B+) stub terminal on the rear of the new alternator.
  12. Remove the 4-wire electrical plug from the firewall or radiator support mounted external regulator if equipped-this will turn off the "Alt or Gen" dash light.
  13. The remaining factory plug connection can be taped to the harness or secured out of sight  and will not be used.
  14. Reconnect any remaining ground connection to an appropriate ground bolt.
  15. Reconnect the negative battery cable.
  16. Star engine and assure the unit is charging the battery between 14.0 and 15.0 volts- do this using a volt meter across the positive and negative battery posts with vehicle running.

Please call 1-800-544-5118 with any technical questions.