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Golden Cad Kit

Item #10331Z

Replicate the look of golden
cadmium plating in 3 easy steps


Replicate the look of golden cadmium plating in 3 easy steps 3-step aerosol paint process duplicates the look of golden cadmium plating at a fraction of the price of replacements or re-plating.
  • Superior acrylic enamel
  • Produces the natural yellow-cadmium gloss, with red and green highlights
  • Long-term corrosion protection

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About Golden Cad Kit

3-step acrylic enamel painting process helps you achieve a more realistic cadmium-plating effect than with our old, original Golden Cad System. Produces a natural 30% gloss on most parts (90%, if you decide to add the Diamond Clear Gloss topcoat, sold separately), while you avoid expensive genuine cadmium plating or replacement. Withstands temperatures up to 250 degreesF, and provides long-lasting protection against corrosion. Each of the three 12-oz. aerosol cans is enough to cover about 6 square feet.


10331ZA Gold Base
10333Z Red Zinc Tint
10334Z Green Zinc Tint


16014Z Self-Etching Primer, Aerosol
16040Z Rust Encapsulator, Aerosol
10200Z Diamond Clear™ for Bare Metal


Before starting, practice the application technique on some discarded metal food cans.

Try to shine the base metal a bit if you can, since the yellow cadmium gold base, which is semi-opaque, looks best when applied in a thin layer that allows some of the base metal to shine through.

After the gold base is applied and dries, LIGHTLY spray some of the red tint from about 12" away. Do it in one quick, light, pass; just enough to mist a little on. Next, do the same with the green. You’ll have the most realistic cadmium-plated look if you don’t spray too much red and green. After it's thoroughly dry, protect it and enhance the gloss with a coat of 10200Z Diamond Clear™ for Bare Metal (sold separately).

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