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    HCP Large Benchtop Powder Booth & Stand

    Item #58129

    Spacious 29-cu.-ft. interior keeps powder overspray inside; with stand
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    Bench-Top Spray Booth keeps powder-coat overspray contained within Make powder-coating less messy by spraying inside this open-faced spray booth.
    • Sits on your workbench, or on the included stand
    • 3 filter stages trap overspray
    • Booth interior measures a spacious 44" W x 24" L x 48" H
    • Shipped already assembled

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    About HCP Large Benchtop Powder Booth & Stand

    Powder-coat spray booth features 18-gauge galvanized construction, a 3-stage filter panel (including exhaust filters and grids), as well as pre-filters and final-stage filters for non-vented exhaust. Oversprayed powder collects on the primary filters until full; then replace filters (see "Accessories" tab). This booth is shipped assembled, as is the included stand that measures 36" high and features all-welded 1-1/2" angle iron construction. Approx. 250 lbs.

    This booth includes four 1st-Stage Pre-Filters (58195) and four 2-Stage 2-Pocket Filters (58194); replacements available under "Accessories" tab.


    Spray Booth
    Assembled Stand
    4 Pre-Filters
    4 Pocket Filters


    58195 Pre-Filter
    58194 2-Stage 2-Pocket Filter

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