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    Heavy Duty Air Sabersaw

    Item #43377 Brand: Astro Pneumatic

    Cuts straight lines or tight-radius
    curves on flat and curved surfaces


    Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Saber Saw is perfect for body work and exhaust systems Some guys call this a reciprocating saw, but either way, there's plenty of pneumatic power here to get you through tough cutting jobs quickly. (Not quite like a hot knife through butter, but you get the idea.)
    • Cut through aluminum, steel, plastic and fiberglass up to 0.080" (14-gauge)
    • Cuts straight and tight radius curves on flat or curved surfaces
    • Cuts at 10,000 strokes per minute

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    About Heavy Duty Air Sabersaw

    This pneumatic saber saw/reciprocating saw is ideal for body shop repair, muffler and exhaust work. Adjustable blade guide increases blade life. Requires 5 cfm at 90-120 psi. One-year mfr's. warranty. Imported.


    Air Saber Saw
    5 Saber Saw Blades, 24 teeth per inch


    43377-B24 Saber Saw Blades, 24 teeth per inch; 5-pack
    43377-B32 Saber Saw Blades, 32 teeth per inch; 5-pack

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