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Home Appliances in the Garage



Eastwood's wonderful HotCoat® Powder-Coating System requires a conventional kitchen stove be installed in the garage. Sometimes the expense of running 220v electric to the garage can be a bother. Be sure to check the basement of your home. You may find 220v already installed from a previous dryer application or even a stove for canning. The cost saved may make carrying those parts to the basement well worth it. Note: Powder should only be cured in a well-ventilated area.

An old spare clothes washer and dryer can be a wonderful luxury in the garage. Shop cloths, car wash towels and even car covers can be washed safely away from your wife's delicates, with no fear of grease, chemicals and marital strife.

Here's the best tip: a dishwasher is a great appliance to have in the garage. Wire wheel covers, one of the world's hardest things to clean by hand, can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher. Simply remove the covers from the wheels, wash off the serious road grime, tar, stones, etc. Then put the wheel covers in the dishwasher and select the pot-scrubbing cycle. Voila! Sparkly clean wire wheel covers.

Other appliances in the garage that can be handy include an old hair dryer as a heat gun, and an old electric motor from a washing machine or furnace blower can be converted into a buffer or sander using mandrels available locally.

A little appliance creativity can save a lot of work in the garage. A car collector friend of ours who is an appliance dealer has a whole row of used appliances right next to his workbench.