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Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel

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3M PPS Starter Kit 22oz 200 micron 12 pack 16183
Only $44.99
MIG250 Spot Weld Nozzles 2pc
Only $14.99
Special 3 pass design for Ford or Chrysler motors, produces temps up to 24 degrees lower than other aluminum radiators

Only $249.99

Sale $199.99

Eastwood Apollo TurboPro 2000 Painting System
Only $3,494.99
Holds 1500lbs when you need it, folds and stores anywhere when you don’t

Only $34.99

Sale $29.99

Lift & move incomplete projects or stored vehicles with ease
Only $429.99
Professional quality painting with just home compressor levels of air flow
Only $79.99
An affordable way to media blast parts without taking up much room in your shop
Only $159.99
Heavy body hammer with high crown square face
Only $19.99
Pocket sized rechargeable LED flashlight and work light

Only $24.99

Sale $22.49

Flexible, adhesive backed 1 sq-ft foil sheets that block sound and heat
Only $27.99
Eastwood Pin Alignment System
Only $14.99
MIG175 Knurled Drive Roller
Only $9.99
Preval Custom Spray Kit 223
Only $39.99
Eastwood Dust Collection System for Blast Cabinets
Only $179.99
Versa Bend Forming Brake Option for 14042
Only $49.99
Eastwood Professional Folding LED Light

Only $79.99

Sale $71.99

Holds 2 welders and gas bottles, plus consumables for easy movement around the shop
Only $149.99
Super strong magnets hold patch panels in place, perfect for blind repairs
Only $19.99
Cut Quickly, Cleanly with Precision Designed especially for cutting automotive sheet metal.

Only $449.99

Sale $399.99

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