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Eastwood Bench Top English Wheel

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Eastwood 80 Gallon Belt Driven 5HP Air Compressor

Starting at: $100.00

Form metal quicker and with more control
Only $14.99
Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for TIG 200 DC
Only $99.99
Transparent Atomic Orange Powder Coat

Starting at: $13.19

Helps color powder coats bond to the part being coated

Starting at: $10.99

Translucent red powder

Starting at: $14.69

Eastwood Welding Flow Meter

Only $59.99

Sale $52.79

Cut Quickly, Cleanly with Precision Designed especially for cutting automotive sheet metal.

Only $449.99

Sale $399.99

Eastwood Bench Top Powder Coating Oven

Only $99.99

Sale $89.99

Powerful, lightweight 250 amp MIG welder at a DIY friendly price.

Only $899.99

Sale $799.99

Lift & move incomplete projects or stored vehicles with ease
Only $429.99
Reduce sound & heat with one easy to apply coating

Only $199.99

Sale $179.99

Eliminate road noise and heat by applying under carpet, door panels, inner firewall and more.

Only $119.99

Sale $99.99

Eliminate road noise, floor pan vibration and exhaust heat from your vehicle
Only $27.99
Holds 1500lbs when you need it, folds and stores anywhere when you don’t

Only $34.99

Sale $29.99

Super strong magnets hold patch panels in place, perfect for blind repairs

Only $19.99

Sale $17.99

Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher

Only $219.99

Sale $197.99

Eastwood 80 Gallon Belt Driven 7.5HP Air Compressor

Starting at: $100.00

Blast Out of a Bucket Kit
Only $29.99
Flex head allows perfect torch position every time!
Only $129.99
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