Powder Coating Accessories

Powder Coat Removers, Infrared Thermometers, High Temperature Masking Tape and Silicone Plugs

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Protect threaded studs from powder build-up

Starting at: $4.99

Magnetic disc. .1.9 in and 2 .4 in
Only $2.99
Magnetic disc. .1.5 in and 2 in

Only $1.99

Sale $1.97

Uncoated metal hooks suspend parts for powder coating and curing
Only $8.99
Make permanent, rustproof, metal repairs...no mixing or measuring
Only $54.99
Replacement pocket filter for our booths that use pocket filters
Only $34.99
Replacement pre-filter for powder-coating and liquid-coating booths
Only $7.99
ATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001
Only $46.99
A how to guide for motorcycle, bicycle and other parts
Only $26.99
Replacement Element for 10590
Only $69.99
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Powder Coating Accessories

When it comes to your DIY powder coating projects, you want to "do the job right" the first time, and Eastwood's powder coating supplies help you get there! Whether you powder coat at home or in a pro garage, the powder coating equipment you'll find here at Eastwood helps you get it done with a minimum of hassle and maximum of gorgeous, professional results. Need silicone plugs and caps to prevent clogged holes or threads? How about masking tape that won't leave a residue? These are just some of the practical powder coating supplies you'll find at Eastwood. If you're totally new to powder coating, get ahold of our 68-page "Beginner's Powder Coating Guide" to get started on the right foot.


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