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    Hotcoat Powder Machine Gray

    Item #10152 Hotcoat Powder Machine Gray

    Extremely durable, chip-resistant finish; coat and cure in under an hour
    50 lbs & 25lbs. Heavyweight- Special shipping charges apply.


    All HotCoat Powders are exclusively formulated for the HotCoat System. They are optimized to promote static charge for uniform coverage and finish. All are UV and fuel resistant. Packed in 8 oz. net wt. plastic bottles. RAL 7042

    About Hotcoat Powder Machine Gray

    Hot Coat Blasted Steel Powder - This polyester powder cures to produce a medium silver wrinkle finish. Close in color to abrasive blasted steel. Cures at 400 degrees F for 20 minutes after flow out occurs (transitions from a dry powder to a liquid look).

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