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Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 2 lb

Item #102852LBS

Extremely durable, chip-resistant
finish; coat and cure in under an hour


Reflective Chrome HotCoat Powder gives you an economical, long-lasting, near-chrome finish Extremely durable powder-coated surfaces are far more resistant to chipping, scratches, fading, and wear than other finishes.
  • Coat and cure in under an hour!
  • Separate clear topcoat required to prevent tarnish
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick color changes
  • 2 lbs.

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About Hotcoat Powder Reflective Chrome 2 lb

Reflective Chrome is the most reflective powder currently available. This coating is superior to (10169) in reflectivity and image clarity. This polyester powder cures in 20 minutes (after flow-out) at 375 degrees F. Reflective Chrome must be top coated with Gloss Clear (10093), Clear Super Gloss (10286) or one of our Translucent finishes to prevent tarnishing.

MSDS Sheet

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2-lb. container of Reflective Chrome HotCoat Powder


10093 HotCoat Powder Full Gloss Clear
10286 HotCoat Powder Super Gloss Clear
10198 Original HotCoat Powder-Coating System
11676 Dual-Voltage HotCoat Powder-Coating Gun


(Q) How can I avoid substantial dulling of the Reflective Chrome once the clear powder topcoat is applied and cured?
(A) While some dulling is unavoidable, substantial dulling usually indicates that the Reflective Chrome was not completely cured. To fully cure this Reflective Chrome prior to applying and curing the clear powder, we recommend following these curing directions: Light sheet metal parts like valve covers, air cleaners, etc., will cure at 375 degreesF within 20-30 minutes after flow-out occurs (flow-out refers to the transition from a dull powder look to a glossy liquid look). Heavy parts like wheels and intake manifolds will cure at 375 degreesF within 50-60 minutes after flow-out occurs. Cure temperature must not exceed 375 degreesF since wrinkling may otherwise occur. This powder, and most others, will tolerate longer bake times without adversely effecting appearance or durability of the coating.