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Detailing Late-Model Car Wheels

Newer cars can take on an edgy appearance when their painted wheels begin to show their age. Our test vehicle, a 1994 Ford Ranger, was just such a case. We were adding a new set of OEM Firestone tires and took the opportunity to touch-up the wheels.

1. We started by washing the wheel/tire assemblies, and making sure they dried properly. Fortunately, none of the wheels had any rust or corrosion. After a proper sanding we masked off the outer edge of the wheel and tire. We did this before installing the new tires; in case our tape missed, it wouldn't matter so much. We recommend taking wheels off the truck for painting. With repeated light coats of Eastwood Silver/Argent Rally Wheel Paint, we achieve the brightness that had long since passed over these wheels. We did not bother to mask the center four slotted holes, as we knew we would be painting them satin black once again.

2. Using 3" masking tape, we masked each hole carefully. The wide tape conformed well to the holes and provided just enough shielding from overspray to the rest of the freshly painted silver wheels.

3. Once masked, we carefully painted the outer facing, inside wheel rims, with Eastwood Satin Black Wheel Paint.

4. Once unmasked, our Ranger looked fresh as a daisy!