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  • Indasa 2-3/4 x 27.5 yds PSA Paper

    Indasa 2-3/4 x 27.5 yds PSA Paper

    Item #PSA Paper 31374

    Adhesive-backed, aluminum oxide
    sandpaper roll for dry sanding


    Adhesive-backed, Aluminum Oxide Sandpaper Roll works with your hand- or air-powered sander for dry sanding You'll do a professional sanding job with this PSA Sandpaper Roll that sticks to any-length sanding board.
    • 400,320, 120, 80 & 40 grits
    • 2-3/4"-wide, 82-1/2-ft.-long roll
    • Aluminum oxide and lubricant material
    • For dry sanding
    • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

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    About Indasa 2-3/4 x 27.5 yds PSA Paper

    Just tear and attach to any length sanding board. Strong PSA backing is suitable for hand- or air-powered sanders.


    2-3/4"-wide, 82-1/2-ft.-long, PSA sandpaper roll; aluminum oxide

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