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Infrared Cure System Adds Versatility
to the HotCoat® Powder Coating System
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10170b.jpg (27137 bytes)Now there's no limit to the size of the parts you can powder coat. Engines, motorcycle frames, shop equipment—from shift knobs to axles, this Infrared Cure System is the answer! You get the infrared lamp, sturdy 6-foot-tall stand, an infrared thermometer, and detailed instructions.

Position the lamp 4" from the part and monitor the temperature. After cure is achieved, just reposition the lamp to the next section. Repeat the procedure on objects of any size.

The result is seamless, uniform powder coating, just like those that come out of the "walk-in" ovens the big shops use. Professional results are easy to obtain. A must for rodders, bikers, customizers or restorers, ideal for R&D departments for samples and prototypes. Since the IR Lamp is portable, you can powder coat offsite too. This IR System is perfect for big jobs or for users with limited work areas. Powder coat virtually anything at home for a fraction of shop costs, or start your own business. Applications for this new system are limited only by your imagination!

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Position the lamp per instructions.
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Reposition the lamp
as required
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A Perfect Cure!!