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Joe Richardson - R&D/Product Development Engineer  

Joe Richardson is the 'last word' for every Eastwood tool and product, which he personally tests and evaluates, before they go into the Eastwood catalog or onto the extensive, interactive Eastwood website. Once Joe gives his stamp of approval, Eastwood is assured that it will serve their customers well. Joe not only works for Eastwood, but also has been a loyal customer since 1981, so he knows what it is to be an Eastwood customer and what they have come to expect.

Joe has designed numerous Eastwood tools and products used for maintaining, repairing and restoring cars and trucks. During his nearly 30+ years of automotive mechanical engineering and design experience, Joe has become known as the 'go to' guy by colleagues, professionals, reporters and friends because of his seasoned expertise in quality car restoration, maintenance and repair.

The latest product Joe developed is the Eastwood Soda Blaster. The Soda Blaster is used by car and motorcycle enthusiasts to strip paint without inflicting damage on metal surfaces, glass, chrome, rubber and trim without need for time-consuming masking. Additionally, he has recently tested and approved the 100% new Eastwood MaxxPower Engine Accessories line, including ignition distributors, starters and alternator for classic car re-builder hobbyists and professionals.

With his proficiency in AutoCAD, Joe has been instrumental in bringing paint coatings, rust encapsulators, panel repair kits, media tumblers and a wide variety of other tools and products sold by Eastwood to the marketplace.

Joe has personally owned over 30 cars and has performed numerous restorations. Notably he has performed NCRS quality restoration on a 1968 Corvette, a full nut and bolt frame-off restoration of a 1952 Ford F1 and a restoration of a 1969 Camaro Convertible. Currently he owns a 1959 Corvette (which he has owned for 22 years and he notes that it is 'never done.') He also has a ’98 Mustang GT ragtop for fun and an extremely rare two-door '98 Jeep Cherokee with manual transmission.

Joe received an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering & Design with additional education in metallurgy and materials. Much of his career has been in expanding his skills and talents in mechanical design. He has attended the Carlisle and Hershey events since the 1970's and has ongoing learning experiences with a legendary metal man and respected body shop owner.

In fact, Joe has been a 'car guy' since he was two years old. He's built many model cars in his youth and received his first car from a favorite uncle at the age of 14 – a 1966 Corvair. He acquired his first set of tools at the age of 13 and, although it has greatly expanded, he still uses the same basic ratchets and wrenches. Cars, car restoration, car maintenance, car revival is 'in his blood.'

His other major interests include his Labrador Retrievers and an extensive model car and diecast collection.